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Contact Apple Support — Redesign

AppleCare’s largest, most complex web-app, Contact Apple Support (CAS) routes customers to live person support based on the customer’s situation. Most notably, CAS is the main way to make Genius Bar reservations globally.

I joined the team in 2013, to design an iPad-centric version which improved usability, style, accessibility, clarity and functionality. I also worked with marketing to be more on-brand.

In 2014, I helped define and scope requirements, then provided design for 45 enhancements. We partnered extensively with Marketing and Retail to fully take over Genius Bar reservations. I worked with Engineering to improve development processes and find better developer talent.

In 2015, I redesigned the app to be fully responsive, using a mobile first approach. I also updated the visual language of CAS to match the rest of the Apple ecosystem, drawing influence from, iOS and OS X.

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  • Role

    • Lead designer
  • Responsible For

    • Site architecture
    • Interaction design
    • Visual design
  • Contributed To

    • Project Definition & Scope
    • Content creation
    • QA testing
  • Site URL

  • Skills

    • Mobile
    • Visual
    • Web