New Spell CD, outer cover spread

CD Case

I play bass in a band called New Spell. We did a photo shoot last year with photographer Colin M Day, in the historic Gold Rush town of Port Costa, CA. We stayed up all night experimenting with "light-painting," which involves running around in the dark with lights during and extra-long exposure photograph.

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  • Role

    • Lead designer
  • Responsible For

    • Layout
    • Typography
    • Photo Manipulation
    • Printing

Project Details

Later that year, New Spell recorded an album, and though we had not done the shoot with album art in mind, I was able to create inner and outer spreads for the CD using material from that shoot. Leanne drew the New Spell logo.

I did many iterations, experimenting with different photos, layouts and typography, and took a lot of trips to Kinko's to test for color and sizing.

I ultimately, chose this design because the photo of us outside the shack is so cool, and it laid out very nicely as a front and back cover.

New Spell CD case, outer cover spread New Spell CD case, inner cover spread

I choose a matte finish to compliment the mysterious quality of our images and music, and we opted for an eco-wallet rather than plastic jewel case. DiscMakers did the final burning and printing. We're very happy with the result.

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