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Safari is required for video at the moment. Sound design for video. Don't miss the scene at 1:40

While at CMU, I took an amazing class on the relationship between sound and image, taught by computational artist, Golan Levine.

In this assignment, we were asked to add audio to this movie clip. I created sounds, sourced sound effects, then scored and mixed the audio. I also created non-diegetic (offscreen) sounds to further tell the story. I had the craft part, but this is an art class. As an unexpected twist, at the climax of the scene (1:45), I created additional emotional impact by sharply cutting all audio and replacing it with the song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. This auditory device, had recently been used on Saturday Night Live, to comedic excess. The SNL sketch references the usage of this device on a recent episode of “The OC.”

The class loved it. After several minutes of traditional film sound, this unexpected comedic reference had the class laughing out loud.

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Here’s the reference from SNL

And the original scene from “The OC”